All Into Health

The all in project was funded by the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, through the Communities Putting Prevention to Work initiative, and supports public health efforts to reduce tobacco use and exposure from second-hand smoke in our community.

The all in project, in collaboration with community partners, is working to ensure that all Orange County residents have access to a safe environment that allows them to pursue a healthy quality of life. Through our efforts we hope to impact Florida’s health by strengthening public policy that will reduce tobacco use and second-hand smoke exposure in and around public facilities and workplaces throughout Orange County.

Currently, 26 states around the nation have adopted comprehensive smoke-free laws to safeguard the quality of life of their citizens; however, Florida is not one of them.

The goal of the all in project is to:

  • Inform and educate the community on the importance of tobacco-free environments
  • Encourage medical providers to adopt the Ask. Advise. Refer. (AAR) intervention to promote cessation to their patients
  • Reduce exposure to second-hand smoke by raising awareness of the health impacts that tobacco smoke poses to others
  • Promote tobacco cessation
  • Monitor air quality of indoor and outdoor facilities that allow smoking
  • Support the adoption of tobacco-free policies
  • Promote the use of the Florida Quitline and other cessation services